Marketplace as a Service

What is it

Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a way for creators to take back control. Using our marketplace smart contracts and frontend code, any creator can integrate their own NFT marketplace directly into their own website without the hassle of having to build or maintain one. The marketplace is ring-fenced for only the NFT collections the creator wants displayed and set their own royalties and marketplace fee.

Who is it for

Any creator, whether an individual artist creating 1/1s, a larger 10k PFP collection or anything in between. If you are in the business of creating NFTs then you can benefit from having your own marketplace on your website.

Why it matters

Several benefits:

  • Creators set their own royalty ensuring they always get paid what they deserve.
  • Ring fenced to display only the NFT collections approved by you - ensuring your collectors are buying the genuine article.
  • Cheaper marketplace fees for your collectors while also allowing you to earn a small additional revenue stream by marking up our base level fee.
  • A holistic customer experience for your collectors - keeping them on your website immediately post mint and reinforcing your ecosystem.
  • No need to build or maintain the marketplace code - focus on your collectors and your project.

What features are included

Look around This is what you get, of course you control the front end design experience but we provide all the features you see here on X Marketplace. We are also integrated with ensuring collectors who list on your marketplace will also appear on the leading marketplace aggregator. As we continue to add new features to X Marketplace, those are available to you at no cost, thus helping future proof your marketplace.

How to get started

Contact us today and we can set up time to discuss your needs and how we can help.



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