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Safely transacting with your NFTs/Cryptocurrency

All transactions on the blockchain are permanent and irreversible. As a result, victims of scams or social engineering rarely are able to recover any funds that are lost.

This is not an exhaustive list, but some tips & tricks to keep users safe when transacting include:

  • Turn off Discord DMs:

    The X team will never DM you with a “special offer.” Neither will strangers. If you get a DM on Discord with a great opportunity, the overwhelming probability is that it is a scam. Do NOT click links within any DM or connect your Metamask wallet to unknown websites.

  • Only transact on the X Marketplace:

    Although there are third party services that provide escrow or NFT trading features between multiple parties - if you are not an expert or have experience with these platforms, only transact on X Marketplace.

  • Only use official Discord Links:

    Most NFT project Discords have an “official links” channel or similar location (i.e. Twitter) where official website links are posted. Do not click on links from users within general chat but instead only use links from the original source.

  • Utilize a hardware wallet with Metamask:

    Metamask is a great tool, but if a user does not also use a hardware wallet in conjunction with Metamask, a simple computer virus can steal your password and subsequently your assets. While a hardware wallet will not necessarily protect you from malicious websites or social engineering scams, it’s one of the best and most secure ways for a user to protect their crypto assets.

  • Do not connect your wallet to unknown websites:

    When transacting, the first step is connecting your Metamask wallet to the website. For legitimate websites, this is necessary as it allows you to transact with that website. However, if that website is malicious then the simple step of connecting your Metamask wallet can put the user at risk of their assets being stolen.

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